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♥blogged by (ur name) on 10:41 PM.

Its my bday today lor...
This morning i receive alot of wishes msg from all ppl...
Bt only one is special..
Its bday whishes and smth else..
He is dame sweet de..
I believe we'll last long de..!!!^_^
My best bday in my life...!!!:)

27.01.10 11:48
Bii we will last long de don worry...
I love u very very much...!!!<3<3<3

♥blogged by (ur name) on 11:20 PM.

2 more days to my bday..
Counting down...!!!^_^

♥blogged by (ur name) on 11:13 PM.

Ytd went out with janelle her sist de jun and bryan..
Went to amk first for movie thn later to bugis..
We shop half way the guys say wanna go home so goodbye lor..
Thn we shop like mad sia..
We keep buy and walk like almost walking all the whole bugis street le..
Thn went to extend hair too..
I freaking love my hair nw..
Its so long..
Thn today nth much jus so tired..
Thats all..
Till here thn..
END OF POST..!!!^_^

♥blogged by (ur name) on 7:57 PM.

Omg finally have my sixth piercing..
Janelle and her sister went to pierce their earbone..
After that we went to Courts cuz i wan buy tv..
Thn went arcade to play DDR..
Thn when piercing saw 2 boys..
They also no our school sia thn we exchange numbers lor..
They xiao didi only..
Thn nxt sat my bday they coming wor..
Thn we jiu go watch movie lor..
After that janelle mother cum..
Thn gt 3 guys play games thn one of them lose so the freinds ask they all cum take number from us..
Thn janelle mother jiu say" do u want mine..?"
Thn was like funny lor..
They guy somemore bao ya sia..
Janelle keep laughing..
Thn in the end nv give cus janelle mother there thn i dame freaking sad sia..
Wa bai nian nan de yi ci sia..
I dame freking sad lor..
Miss this chance le..
Dunno when thn have this kindda things happen again..
Haiya zhu ding le lah..
Poor thing sia miie..
And today will nt post pic..
The nxt post will have..
Till here thn..
END OF POST..!!!^_^

♥blogged by (ur name) on 9:22 PM.

Right this photos r few days ago..
1st week in school...
Feeling nt that great bt still ok lah..
Nw i dame suay sia..
Every mon and wed have co till 6.30 lor..
Wa sian sia..
Don feel like going..
Bt don go also cannt..
Bt miss moh nt co teacher liao so i quite happy lah..
Hmm this few days nth to do de lor..
So sian..
Anyway nth much le..
Tmr school resume..
Till here thn..
END OF POST..!!!^_^

♥blogged by (ur name) on 9:58 PM.

Right first day of school..
No good at all..
It totally sucks..
Morning went to fetch janelle and her sister..
Thn meet siqi in school..
After that went to class thn later went to hall for LEONARD KOK YIAK KENG speech..
Its all crap..
I wan sleeping or can say wan sleep liao..
Thn went class teacher all talk crap too thn after school miie janelle and siqi went to look for her sister...
Thn saw someone bt i said nth..
Saw thm 2 , 3 times lor..
Thn we went to have our lunch lor..
At breeks..
Thn later siqi went home..
Miie and janelle and her sister went causeway walk walk..
4 plus like that jiu went home lor..
Thn reached home at 5...
Ya this is my day..
Nt pretty good..
So won't expect tmr to be better..
Bt hope so lor..
Ok thn..
Till here..
END OF POST..!!!^_^

♥blogged by (ur name) on 9:17 PM.

Right alright...
My tagboard is dead and my blog is almost dead too..
So empty for months liao lor..
Shall i MIA..??
Maybe bah..

Eh wen kwang..
Stop jio-ing miie liao lah..
I really don like u..
Can't we jus be friends like last time..?
I really have no other feeling more thn friends..
I wan us to be back like last time..
Be friends lah kkies..??

♥blogged by (ur name) on 1:41 AM.

Hey hey..
I'm back..
Sry for MIA-ing so long..
No mood to post mah..
Anyway happy new year ppl..!!!
Huat ah..
In this year hope will be better...
Anyway school repoening soon..
Dunno is excited or sian sia..
See how when go back school lor..
Hmm till here thn..
END OF POST..!!!^_^