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♥blogged by (ur name) on 10:16 PM.

Sry no new pics..
Lazy to put..
Anyway happpen alot of things..
Dun feel like saying..
Friendship , school stuff alll stressing miie only..
Was dame tired..
Anyway already went in to ocean butterfly that singing school..
Was quite happy..
Bt will be busy on sat from 8/5 onwards..
Cuz the lesson is on that day..
And its at 4.30 to 6.30 at Tanjong pagar..
Very far lor..
Have to go there myself..
Bt nvm lah.. Learn to be independent.
Okok will update the new pics at next post..
Gonna go to bed le..
Dame tired de..
6 more days only...(:
Right till here thn...

Betrayer , pengwei kia , backstabber..
Fucker lah hor..
Talk crap only... accuse ppl like fun to u..
Cb lah A.P.U.I..
Dun wanna say this bt u force miie..
I will never forget and wont forgive u de..

Yeah sayang we gonna second month already...
Miie so happpy ehk..
Love u always...<3

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His learning his elder brother THAM ZHI XIANG [ Actually is Luo Zhi Xiang -.-]

Okay ppl...
This guy here is NIGEL TJW...
His one which think his the cutest and handsome guy...-.-
Saying him cute and handsome it will always be ??? MAYBE???
Lols.. Anyway ytd Janelle , Janna , Russell and Nigel came my house to ton...
We were like having lots of fun sia..
They all like dame funny only..
Janelle and russell even have pillow fight..
Lols..^.^ Thn took the video bt lazy put..
Siqi , Janelle , Janna and Russell came my house first..
I ended work at 6 so i meet Siqi and Russell at NP..
Thn later we came down to woodlands tgt..
Waited for Janelle and Janna..
Bt while waiting we went to meet Russell friend..
If i nv remember wrongly it is Jason , Yong Sheng and David...
Ya thn they go smoke a while Janelle jiu reached..
Later we left Russell friend they all le thn they reach my house..
Had steamboat for our dinner..
Was like full only..
Thn later watch tv a while jiu start work le..
Was doing our PW...
Siqi had to go home so she didnt ton with us..
Thn later at about 12 plus 1 Nigel also ended work thn he came to join us ton..
Took some photo also..
They go smoke also..
Thn when we all on my bed the wood of the bed like keep droping..
Anyway when i say we were at the bed it means sitting nt other..
Don anyhow think hor..
Thn later finish the PW at bout 2 plus 3..
Thn watch tv awhile jiu talk talk lor..
Till 5 plus le we all sleep..
At first was sleeping beside Russell thn infront was Janelle and beside Janelle was Nigel..
Thn Janna sitting ont he bed to watch youtube thn my leg was dame aching..
Asked Janna to sit on the chair bt she refused..
So i have no choice bt to leave the bed..
Thn i sleep on the floor..
Was so fed up..
Bt in the end i went to the top of the bed to sleep..
Wanted to wake up at 6 bt slept till bout 8..-.-
Thn i go wash up first thn Nigel they all..
Had our breakfast at my house de coffee shop..
Thn Nigel and Russell cab home and Janelle and Janna walk home...
Thn i'm nw here blogging and they r sleeping at home..[I think..?]
Ya so i these few days no mood to take pics..
No pics to upload..
Take Nigel pic to replace awhile first..
I think by this week i'll take pics bah..
See how lor..
Hmm.. So this is all i want to say le lor..
I'll stop here thn...(:

♥blogged by (ur name) on 5:26 PM.

[ No pic today sry...]
This few days still nt feeling well till nw i'm fine..(:
Anyway my FIRST MONTH is over...
Nw waiting for my second month only....(:
I love it man...
Went to National museum with thee class and took pics with russell , guo long , mei xuan , janelle , lucus , siqi , dahlia , evelyn , neleena , elysha , wei ting , vivien , tristan , siti , diana , arin , qiqi , yi zheng , yi zhuang , xavier , shasha , atiqah and yaya.
I lazy to post thats y no pics...
K lah i try to post for the next update...^.^
Since thn i also have nth to say le...
Lets end this post...

To Janelle:
Your nw dame pretty le lah...
I wish u happy for all your life and stay chio really dame chio nw..
Lionel will love u more for each and everyday...^.^
So haapy to no u and be one of your friend and also sist...
Sayang miie really miss u sdfm...
Anyway 2 weeks past very fast one...
Seriously i don care wat u r or how u r i jus love the one u r...
Your mine forever...

Thanks for the tag ppl!
I LOVE U GUYS...!!!![ Only for friends and sist ]