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♥blogged by (ur name) on 4:00 AM.

Hello all !!!!
Its the last day of 2010
Woohoo ! Its time to party yeah ! :D

So yeah , its the time for people to sleep now actually but im just awake . (:
I cant sleep man , cause i just went shopping with bby . :D
Gt home at 12 plus uh . :D Woohoo ! Shiock siol . !

And later im going to ton with bby . (:
So this might be the last post of the day of 2010 !!!! :D
Am sooooo freaking excited !
Cause , I might be going to Siloso Beach with bby .
Clubbing too ! :D Yeahyeah ! :D

Well , i just wanna hope that everyone will have a great 2011 ! :D
I hope i will have a wonderful and great 2011 too . :D
And very soon its me and bby's 11th monthsary !
Am just soooo excited ! :D
Well , i cant wait uh . (:
So , i hope that everyone that is going out will enjoy later . (:
I am gonna enjoy later .
Hahas . :D
Take care people ! May peace be upon you guys . :D
Bye 2010 !

♥blogged by (ur name) on 12:21 AM.

Okay !
I didn't meet bby today cause he keje ! ):
But i went out with my mum . :D
Had a hair cut and bought a new jacket ! Wees~! :D
Thn took some photos . (: The rest at fb . (:
I haven take the new photo of me after my hair cut . (:
But nvm , thursday i meeting bby .
So i might take new photos . (:
Well , i just very happy that my 11th month with bby is coming . :D
I just love him soooo much !
Am looking forward yeao !! :D

♥blogged by (ur name) on 3:05 PM.

Happy 10th Monthsary bby ! :D
Finally its the 10th month !
Time seriously fly fast man !
Ytd had a big big thing happen .
I don wanna indicate here . Hmm . (:
So lets just forget the past and look forward for the new days . (:
School is reopening soon .
I'm not going to be like who i am now .
Don get shock cause i'm changing because of certain reason .
Some know but some don't .
Even if they know , its not the whole reason of why .
Only bby knows . I love him so much man !
I just hope that there will be a better 2011 for me .

♥blogged by (ur name) on 2:09 AM.

Hey all !!!
Met bby today and spent time with my family and him ! :D
Later meeting him again ! :D
Going shopping with him later . (:
Bt am going for a haircut with mum first thn home cook for bby thn meet him . (:
Woohoo ! Shiock sey !
Hahs . :D
Well , hopefully there's photos later . (:

10th Monthsary Tomorrow !!!

♥blogged by (ur name) on 10:04 PM.

Merry christams all . :D
Had a great day ytd with bby . (:
WE TON with some 0ther friends too uh . (:
Was having sooo much fun . (:
Hahas . :D
Another three more days to out 10th monthsary man !!
Woohoo ! :D
And after out monthsary its the COUNTDOWN PARTY !!!!
Toning again !!! :D
Yeah yeah !
Few friends are going with me and bby man !!!
Am just sooo excited and happy uh !
I just gt home nt long . (:
Enjoy man ! Hahas . :D
And not only toning . I meet janelle , her sist and her friends too .
Had some time with her and it was fun too .
Well , i just had a great day and i am looking forward to the next two happy things . :D
So yeah , have updated again . (:
I will update again the next time .
Haven's been taking photos man . Gosh !
I'm just lack of photos . :S

♥blogged by (ur name) on 1:37 AM.

I can't say hello in a happy mood now .
Sry all my friends and readers .
I seriously need some advice or suggestion from you all .
First i really really wanna know this .
Do i have Depression ?
Some of them said that i have depression .
But i'm really scared .
I believe them and i believe myself for just 50% !!!!
Cause i realize sometimes i might do things that me myself don't even know .
I might hurt myself when i don even feel the pain .
Like example , biting my hand till its swallon , bruise or bleed .
I feel better when i see it in this way . :S
I dunno why . But im not crazy !
I will become that way is because sometimes i feel angry , sad or feeling lost .
Angry is when i cant do anything and i only wanna throw out my anger .
Sad is when my heart really aches and i feel like making myself numb .
As for the feeling lost , i seriously have no idea why i become that way sometimes . :S
Not only this example . There are some other example too .
I wouldn't want to describe it cause i'm afraid i might scared all of you .
But its not that scary too cause i'm not crazy . (:
Now the next thing .
I have good and bad things about US .
Bad thing first .
Why must we quarrel everytime when it's near to our monthsary ?
You said there is a minor reason and you even hint me saying that you saw smth .
I ask you what is it and your ans is only ' I'll tell you when i feel like telling '
Since you said its a minor thing thn why cant you say it ?
I seriously dunno what you're thinking and i seriously dunno if you really love me and only have me in your heart .
Sometimes you might do things secretly but you swear to me its for real .
Well , i trusted you . Cause i love you .
I believe if loving each other the most important thing is to have trust .
But everytime after we quarrel , you'll give me your best attitude and changes .
Should i trust you ? I asked myself .
But still i choose to trust cause i love you .
We even had a huge fight till we considering of continuing or not .
You ask me what's my ans .
I always reply with only a ans , ' I will always want to be with you because i really love you alot and i wanna spent my whole time just with you . Till the day you tell me to let go and you have already stop loving me thn i'll force myself to let go . '
Now to the good news . (:
I'm very glad to say that we both are okay now .
And 5 more days will be our 10th monthsary . :D
Am very happy and excited . (: Its really great to have you by my side always . (:
Next year i might be able to go home by your B**E !!!! :D
Yeahyeah ! But if that provides when your free or what uh .
Or else public transport is still needed . (:
So am looking forward to this friday , 10th monthsary and next week countdown . :D
This friday toning with bby . 10th monthsary celebrating at somewhere . Countdown will be TONING AGAIN !!!!! :D
Woohoo !!! I love it man . ! <3
I am able to spent time with bby !!!! <3 <3
So coming back to my post .
Sometimes when i smile or being happy is just trying to cover the unhappiness and sadness in me .
Though i look strong in my outer part but in my heart you'll never know how easily it gets hurt .
Family is part of the problem too . No one will know .
Cause no one will understand me and know what i want .
I don't wanna continue this anymore .
What should be said is already said .
Insya'allah next year i can and must be more stronger , happy and have a smooth year . :D
May peace be upon you guys . (:


♥blogged by (ur name) on 11:59 PM.

I just wanna act like him but i dont wanna BE LIKE him . (:

I just passby this cute boy and he's really cute . (:

My mum looks so CUTE in this photo !!!!

Happy family . ! Hahas . :D

Happy Birthday mummy ! :D
A present from me and Bby . <3

This is my tired face . I totally knockout after this .
I no i look like cacat cause im CACAT !! :D

Im just bored . :-P

If i had a son that looks soooo cute . (:

Sry guys .
I was very busy !!!
So many things happening . (:
My 9th Monthsary , Batam trip , Family outing and Mum's bday . :D
These are all the overdue pics and todays's pic . (:
I just enjoyed alot for these two months . (:
School's reopening man !!!
I've been at Bby's home for very long man . :D
We keep going out shop here shop there eat here eat there .
Hahas . :D
But i just enjoyed and i like it alot . !! (:
Monday might be going accompanying bby for enrolling his bike . (:
I can just say that we meet almost everyday . (:
I'm just LOVING IT !!! <3