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♥blogged by (ur name) on 10:24 PM.

Right sry peeps haven been updating..
Was lazy and busy.. Sry...!(:
Anyway there were good things happening...(:
Everything's fine..(:


Went to chalet with my Mac college..
Had lots of fun.. Took some pics too.. Will be shown later..(:
Woke up in the afternoon and went to mac straight..
Saw thm had a nice chat and went to the chalet there by bus..
It was at DownTown East.. Costa Sand Resort...
Had lunch first and later had games held by my manager..
After the game , went to beach.. Was DAME WET.. Hahas..(:
They pulled miie into the water sia..
Went back in the evening and change into kelvin(college) shirt..
Had BBQ too... Later at night went back to yishun by bus with college too..
Had lots of fun in the bus too... Was so crazy..
Music and dance was all around in the bus..
Hahas..(: seriously i was mad..-.-
Lols.. Thn reach yishun we went to 925 de playground and played Truth or Dare..
Was so fun and crazy too... Lols.. Bt had a great day.. I LOVE IT..!!(:

Morning woke up at 8.30.. Having a dame bad headached..
Went to wash up and took temp.. It was 38.7...WTF.!!
Having fever...Fall asleep and woke up at 9.30 again..
Took temp again it was 39.1...-.- Was higher thn before..Shit man..
Fall asleep again... Mother woke up and had her breakfast..
Before that she saw miie on the sofa and was shocked thn she screamed..
Was woken up by her... By that time it was already 11..
Took temp again and it was 39.3... Haiz..No matter wat its just high fever..
Ya..Thn my mum let miie have some bread thn ate medicine..
Went to sleep again...Till night time called sayang...
As the next day is our Third month..Bt sad i couldn't go out..
Wanted to celebrate with him bt told him i cant go out thn he was like fucking disappointed..
Bt i tried to think of a way to meet him..So chated with him on the phone a while thn i went to sleep lor..

It was our Third month...(: Was so happy can..
Gave my mum a reason said i wanna go reborn my hair thn also went to meet sayang at the same time..
Yeah..! Can go out.. Went to reborn my hair at marsiling..
Finished at 4 plus thn went to sembawang straight to meet sayang...
We wore our couple tees and went to northpoint to watch movie..
Was enjoying ourselves..
Had dinner with him too thn he sent miie home.. Bt his friend is marrying at blk 512 which is nxt to my blk so he stayed overnight with his brother and his friends here..
So i went to meet him downstairs.. At midnight 12 he came up my house here and sat at the chair outside my house..
Accompany him a while thn he went back downstairs... To help his brother all..
Thn he went to the fitness corner and meet miie.. Bt i was at my window and we used hand signal..
Hahas..(: Did called and msg too lah... Cuz i couldn't understand all.. Lols..(:
Thn later he went off and i went to sleep..
At that time it was already 1 plus already..
Hahas..(: Was DAME happy too..(:

Morning woke up to prepare to go out meet my sayang first..
Thn i'm done at 12 plus.. Smth happen thereforre meet my sayang late..
Went to meet him at 2 plus and they came to woodlands again..
It was already 4..My lesson was 4.30...
I was afraid that i was late so my sayang gave miie money to go down to somerset..
Had some left.. After the lesson it was 6 plus like that..
Realize that my iphone was with my sayang...Called him..
Dame panic.. Bt i went straight to my drum place at selegie..
Had dinner with my teacher and my saynag came down to give miie back my iphone..
Went to sembawang with sayang and he gave miie money to cab back home...
Had a great day with him..
Anyway sayang Monday going out of Singapore for his shooting training..
Haiz sad cant see him anymore till the day i came back from thailand thn can see him..
The day he come back was the day i fly.. Will be back at 16th..
Haiz.. So long cant see him.. Miss him dame much sia...):
Anyway gt no choice so will bear with all the misses of pain..


Anyway will be going to Thailand next sunday..
Dame fast sia..
Will be missing everyone...(:
Take care everyone aites..(:
Right will end here...

♥blogged by (ur name) on 5:18 PM.

Exams over..
Everything jus sux..
Have been tired and stress..
Really cant tahan sia..
Don wanna make myself hate school and so i jus continue to tahan..
Wtf is this man..
Anyway think the rest of my paper is still ok except for my Maths and Art..
Really have no hope on these 2 subject..
Worrying for my sec 3 nw..
Don really wanna bother much..
Fuck care lor..
Right last sat..
Or i can even say the last week..
Friday went to meet my sayang thn he went to russell house with miie..
After that he sent miie home..
The next day which was sat i went to meet him too..
Morning having tuition so nt possible lah..
I mean after my tuition thn go to his house find him..
His whole family also at home lah..
Thn later i have another class at somerset..
It start at 4.30 bt i reach at 5.. -.-
Nvm hahas...(: cuz the teacher came about the same time as miie too..
Thn sayang went to walk around while waiting for miie..
I ended at 6.30..
Saw him having a plastic bag thn i no he went SHOPPING!!
At first saw his cloths was like..??!!
Thn i tell him...
I say : "Wa sayang so rich ah go shopping lez.."
He said : "No lah where gt rich? hahas...(;"
I took the plastic bag from him and saw the price for each cloths its $39.90..
- Stun -
I say : "U call this nt rich..?"
He say : "2 for $39 lah..."
He took out the receipt thn i no its true... -.-
Hmm in between of coz got talk talk lah..
Thn later when we about to board the train to Marina square we walk pass some shop..
Saw there wrote " 2 Tees for $38 "
We said it out at the same time after we walk pass the shop..
Thn we went back to see..
And we bought 2 same Tees..
Its our first couple tee..
Thanks ehk sayang...
Love u so dame much..<3
Thn went to Marina Square to meet his brother and friends all..
After that its already 9 thn my uncle come fetch miie home lor..
Reach home call sayang..
Chat awhile thn went to bed..
Jus simply love my sayang so much..<3
Ya anyway thats all lah..
Nothing much already..
So till here thn..(:

Sry no pics for this time..
Lazy put in comp..(:
Will post it at the next post..(:
Banyak mencintaimu Sayang<3

♥blogged by (ur name) on 9:44 PM.

This was the photo taken on sat...(:
He was so dame sweet OKAY!!!
Miie love him so dame much..<3
His mine forever...(:
Morning had tuition at 10 to 12..
Thn i went to his house to pass his mother the mother's day present which i get for her..
Thn he sent miie to tanjong pagar for my lesson and we took pics..(:
Was enjoying so much..
Miie love spent time with him...
His is so caring concern and CUTE.!!!
Nth much..
Still having exams now days..
Haiz i still have time to come update blog..
Gonna study hard..
Tmr MATHS paper..

♥blogged by (ur name) on 7:35 PM.

Hey peeps!
Sry for nt updating so long..
Comp gt problem and lazy too..!!!(:
Anyway my second month has past nw waiting for my third month with my SAYANG..!!!
Saya cinta Sayang alot alot...!!!<3
Rindu sayang too cuz his in camp for so long and nv meet him..
Faster come meet miie kays??
And my exam coming already..
This week friday start sia..
Hope i'll pass..
Will study dame hard de..
Till exam over , haha everything will change again..
So till here thn..