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Hello . !
Exams over , result coming .
Already know what state i'm in now .
Nothing much to talk .
Pictures will express my feeling .
The end guys .
I love you so dame much Muhd Adil . ! ♥

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Hello all ! (:
Sry for the so late raya's photo.
Enjoyed raya with bby lots man.
Hahas.! Nights life with him is COOL!!
So will tell my raya's life.

Met bby in the morning .
Help him with his house work .
Rest awile , went to sun plaza to buy phone .
Came back i slept , he went to buy food to break fast .
Ate with him and his family plus one girl .
She's a friend of Aizat , bby's younger brother .
Then done eating all rest .
Get dressed and at around 10 plus at night went off to geylang with bby and his family.
His brothers friend were there too.
Then walk around , ate and stuff till morning 7 plus .
Bby send miie home and i go bath and get dress , plus make-up too .

First day of RAYA!!!
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri .
After all my make up dreassing and things were token , went to bby's house.
Went to his grandmother's house for the first day .
We both wore the same colour . (:
I love it man . Woots!!! ;D
Went back quite late [ i forgotton ] and slept a while.

Second day of Raya .
Didn't managed to go raya with his family for the whole day.
Bt went half day .
Went to his uncle's house.
Wore home cloths , same as bby.
Hmm then after the hlaf day we went to my lesson .
After my lesson we went to watch movie and i'm home late again.

Third day of Raya .
Went with bby and his family to his uncle's house . [ Another uncle ]
Then played with aliah , nurrul , aiman and amin .
They are cousins of bbys bt aliah is nt . She is the niece of bbys.
Hmm mostly they all called miie kakak and bby abang.
Only aliah , she called miie aunty and bby uncle .
Were so cute they all.
So went home at around 10 plus 11 .
Monday school.

As for now i'm still having exams.
Things were going smoothly.
Am happy. Believe this FYE will pass .
As long as i pass not only i get new phone smth could still be on too .
Hees . (:
So till here then .
Update another time .