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♥blogged by (ur name) on 10:54 PM.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to ....
Muhd Adil & Chelsia

I love you so much bby . ♥ Thanks for everything that you've done for me . (:
I really appreciate it ! (:
Insya'allah , we'll last till eternity . :D Amin ! (:

♥blogged by (ur name) on 6:11 PM.

This post is specially for my bby , Muhd Adil Bin Amat Sunar .
I know whatever i do is wrong for this time .
I know you wouldn't want to hear my sry too .
But still , other thn apologize its still apologize .
Im so dame sry .
Not telling you is because i really dunno how to tell you .
In the first place i shouldn't have lie to you .
Its just because of my fucking soft hearted and made me creat all these unneccessary stupidness of noncenses .
Its all just my fault ! I dunno what to do to make up be okay like how we use to be bby .
No matter what wrong i've done , my feelings for you will never change .
Bt saying all these , i guess , you won't believe me too .
But i swear its all from the bottom of my heart .
Now there's a big cut in my heart .
Its unhealable , only you the only one could heal it .
You're my medicine , your my love , my bf , my EVERYTHING !
You ask me if i treat you as my bf right ?
This is my ans , YES ! You're always my bf , now and forever .
It will never change . My love and my feeling will never change for you BECAUSE , i CANT STOP LOVING YOU !
I don't even want to say goodbye to you .
Im really scared and afraid that you'll leave me .
We promise each other that 28 will last .
But since its my fault already so i'll respect your decision for everything inbetween us .
Insya'allah 28 will last and i hope there will be no goodbyes in between us .
Lastly i just wanna say that I'M SORRY !
and , ILOVEYOU ! <3
Your the most inportant in my heart , no one can replace you bby .... :'(

♥blogged by (ur name) on 11:11 PM.

Aku nk peace year je !
Betolbetol sku tknk mcm banyak prob .
Tapi skrg okok uh . I hope it will get better . (:
Insya'allah . Amin !
I promise to have a better post for the next one .
Tkde mood uh .

♥blogged by (ur name) on 10:53 PM.

Had uneccessary shit over me for days !
I fucking hate it bt everyone cant point fingers . Neither do i .
So , i'll just forgive and forget . Cause if i don , nth can be done too .
Well , am happy that this case have already reach almost an end .
Bt the pic on top doesn't meant anything .
Its just my personal feelings !
Those ppl out there that know what happen , don get me wrong .
Insya'allah everything will go smoothly !

♥blogged by (ur name) on 5:07 PM.

Ft . NanaJepon , Tashaa and Kawan ! :D ( Sry , tktau namer you ! :/ )
Maaf ehk ! Hahas ! :D
Well , ytd and today wasn't awasome !
Don wanna eleborte it !
SO , insya'allah everything can faster end and be alright ! Amin ! :D
Thanks for all the comfortiing and scolding i get from you guys .
I will do my best to prevent it from happening again ! (:
Iloveyouguys so much ! Awasome ppl ! :D
Will try to update again asap ! :D

♥blogged by (ur name) on 4:49 PM.

Okay , owned !
Sry long time nye tk update ehk ! :P
Maafkan saya org ! :D
Anyway thanks to all these ppl . (:
They made my up my day !
Not all in a day lah !
Korang nye funny okay !
Semua cheer me up je . (:
Lots of laughter ! :D
Thanks post to korang ehk !
Cepat cepat jumpe tau ! Rinduu semua ! Woow ! :D

♥blogged by (ur name) on 8:26 PM.

Hey all !
Happy New Year !! :D
Sry for nt having to update for so long . (: Was busy and lazy ! :P
Well gt angpao from relatives and friends . (:
Near a thousand bt spent and left 400 plus . :/
Was really happy and enjoying myself . :D
Went out with bby too . :D
These are my CNY pics . (:
Will update soon yeah ! :D
I know the quality isn't that good cause camera spoil . -.-
Have to use handphone , no choice . :P
So update soon . :D
Bye ! <3