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Reborn my hair
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♥Stay in EXPRESS class [1 , 2 , 3 , 4]
♥More cloths
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DVD Player
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Tongue piercing
Tragus piercing
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♥Sony ericsson W980
♥Tote bag [ black mesh ,black transparent]
Reborn my hair again
Pearl Drumset
Hunks and Babes
♥Yayarykaa ` Kakak
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Everything between me and adil ended !
Its because of smth he did real wrong !
No matter he cries infront of me or nt , nth's gonna change .
Whatever ! For now , there's SOMEONE who has a crush on me . (:
We both are taking out time . (:
His so sweet to me ytd . Aww , thanks to him .
At least i know there's still a someone truely out there waiting for me . (:
And last bt nt least , HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY AATEHH MONYET ! :D
Enjoyed so much these days !
208 , one and only family . :D
Sentosa with bdk208 this SAT ! :D Can't wait . :D