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♥blogged by (ur name) on 8:31 PM.

Hello Reader . !
Gt miss my post ?
Hees . ! (:
Btw nth much .
Sry for nt updating very long .
Was very busy and tmr is exam , i'm nw still on mc . ):
Haiz . Lucky tmr is english .
Nth much .
Hmm . I hope everything will be alright .
Hmm i'm down with high fever , flu and sore throat .
Its killing miie when in the night time .
I'll go insane .
Argh . !!!
Btw alot of things are settled and i'm happy .
Tmr bby will nt be out of tekong and he'll nt need to go back again .
And after tmr will be our 6th MONTHSARY . ! (:
Yeahyeah ! :D
Hmm counting down .
I want more comments in my tagboard , so all readers do comment more aye . ! (:
Thanks . (:

♥blogged by (ur name) on 3:54 PM.

Friends .
I dunno what wrong in my life .
I want to have a very best and true friend .
It might not be one it might nt be two it can be more thn that .
Bt why when everytime i know first are great bt after sometime they tend to change .
What have i done wrong . ?
Did so many good things bt in the end the thing which i get is HATE . ?!
I really dun understand .
I need an explanation .
Whenever problems came i help even when myself have lots of problem .
When somethings wanted bt no chance to get i give .
Its still the same .
Being good i get bad , being bad i still get bad .
Who cums tell miie wat to do .
I've always there and never leave .
Treating nice and good bt y . ?
In the end HATE still cums to miie .
I'm the one who is always hurt .
Who can tell miie what to do .
I've change and i'm nt like last time how i use to be .
What are wanted . ?
I really wanna no .
Thanks for HURTING & HATING miie though i've always there .
But i wont have HATE ! i wont do that .
I'll not change . And i'm sure and serious .

♥blogged by (ur name) on 11:56 PM.

assalaamoalaikum !
Today nth much am alone for the whole day .
Hmm morning pray break fast thn went back to sleep .
Thn later woke up again at 1.30 thn start to wash up , bath , doll up .
After that went out of the house at 3.30 .
Went to somerset for lesson at 4.30 to 6 thn went to dhoby ghaut and break fast alone .
Had fried rice and ate at studio while waiting for my lesson .
After lesson i went home alone too .
Felt so bored for the whole day .
But no choice bby is in camp .
One week cant see him , sad . ):
But its okay cuz when the week he cum out will ne our 6th monthsary . ! Woots !
Yeahyeah ! Can celebrate with bby . ! :D
Reached home at about 10 thn comp comp comp . ! (:
Fb , blog and went to bath .
After bath thn here i am . ! (:
Hmm i jus miss bby so much today .
Haiz , i feel like when i didn't see him for a day or wat i will start to feel bored and miss him .
Hmm i guess i'm too into him , i jus fall for him deeply already .
I love you lah bby . ! ♥
Hmm so nw am hungry , have to wait till tmr morning thn can eat .
But to all ppl who think yourself is "fat" try to use up the fasting month to slim down .
Its the best time for nw . ! :D
Btw no offence aye .
Well i have nth to say nw .
Gonna update again soon .
Nights all , adios amigo ! (:

♥blogged by (ur name) on 4:43 PM.

Alright .
Photos will talk .
Hmm btw alot of things happen like sad andd happy .
Those days when i have no school , i jus keep meeting my bf . (:
Was enjoying and being very heppy with him .
Hees , well i jus love him so much . ♥
Also , nt only Him♥ , was meeting my crazy bitches too .
I love them alot too .
♥ (:
Well their mine , don ever steal them away by my side or i'll kill u and eat u .
Muhahaha !!!
Erm oops , ! Being too violent . Herherh . !
Btw its fasting month , woohoo . !
All muslim happy puase-ing . ! [ though i'm also puase ]
Hees . ! Anyway its nt really bad too .
Hmm can slim down at this time . Weepee . ! (:
Hmm i no that my blog had been quite DEAD for sometime bt i'm really sry .
Cuz i have been busy and lazing to update .
Sry aye . !
Hmm so just enjoy the pictures first .
Will update again . !
I promise this time will be asap . ! :D